Our qualified experts are involved in the planning and management of our customers' projects, continuous improvement of supply chain processes, cost optimization, quality control ...

Digital transformation


We recommend to our Customers to raise awareness among their employees about the challenges of digital transformation and the new business models that it induces. Conferences; reflection workshops; trainings.

Audit of the existing

We establish an inventory of the Customer's company, diagnose existing processes, and identify the possible drivers of digital transformation. Workshops; performance measurement; audit of IS and uses.

Improvement drivers

We define with the Customer the digital indicators that will enable it to improve its current processes. Together, we rewrite these processes by integrating the considered solutions. Agile method, by successive iterations; definition of scenario studies; optimization of the digital path; evaluation of the necessary resources.


Our consultants manage the development and the implementation of the recommended tools, after customer’s validation. Project management, project framing; technical framing, deployment of agile methods; performance tests; re-set BUILD.


Our consultants accompany our customers step by step and handle the change management problematics within its company. Methodology advice; support; project management; Operational condition maintenance.