Chiffre d'affaires U-need

A strong growth

U-need is a consulting firm in industrial performance and digitale transformation. . Founded in 2012, we generated a growth of 2 numbers each year. In 2016, the turnover achieved 4 650 000€ (4 200 000£), 55% in progression compared to 2015. In 2018, the turnover is 9,5M€.

Ecosystème U-need

A dynamic ecosystem

Thanks to the involvement of its founder, U-Need is integrated in central part of an ecosystem extremely dynamic in news technologies fields.

Effectif U-need

An increasing workforce.

Originally installed in Midi-Pyrénées, U-need is deployed in 2017 on Aquitaine. U-need is also implemented at Bordeaux “U-Need West” with Mr Bruno DECHANDOL as managing director.

In 2018, U-Need created a new subsidiary at Lyon to cover South-East of France!

In 2019, U-Need created a new subsidiary at London to start a new step in International!